Page size / fit / layout help


This has been the most painful part of putting this whole thing together.
Getting the words to fit inside the pages.

Firstly - I'm sorry that the books don't display nicely on 800 x 600.
But that's the way it is.
Set your screen size to 1024 x 768.

Secondly - rather than looking like this

The words burst out of the page like this

This is a font problem.

The font used for this site is Arial.
If you don't have that font (look for ARIAL.TTF in your font folder)
Then you can download it from here, (save it to disk & instal it)

Thirdly - The site still doesn't look right and you can't get the pages to look like page 55 above.
Drop me an e-mail and tell me what's wrong. I'll try to fix it.

Zorba the Geek. 5IO Cabal