Navigation Help

Question - How do I get to a) the next page, b) the previous page, c) the index etc.

Answer - There are 3 important areas for navigation. The two outside page edges and the spine.
This is going to be easier with a picture ...

Moving around a book
To move back a page,
click on this edge
To move forward a page,
click on this edge
Down the middle of each page there are a number of links
that show up when you move your mouse over them.
They take you to :-
- The index of that book.
- The site index.
- The cover of the book.
- The other book.
- Here!


Question - what are the apples in the text for.

Answer - The apples in the PD () take you to additional background information in the PA.
And from there (and here) the 'Back' button take you back to where you came from.