Some new things you guys will know about Sanguine.

You will have met Art, my fire cat (picture here).
He's sometimes to be seen in the Ravens.
He doesn't burn you or the tables (unless I ask him to - and he will have set fire to a newspaper you were reading at some point just to give me a laugh) but he is cosy and warm if he curls up in your lap on a winters evening.
The locals in the Ravens have got into the habit of throwing more wood on the fire when I walk in as part of the fire will get up and walk out into the room as Art. This does mean you don't see him so often in the summer.
On a number of occasions Art has just sat in the fire if the place is real busy occasionally leaning out to freak someone out.
As you would expect one non-local in the Ravens decided it would be funny to pour his beer over Art which really was a dumb thing to do. Having a cat pissed at you is one thing but having a fire cat pissed at you ... The burns he received (before Art jumped back into the fire) left scars.

A spell that I will have tried on you is "Nimble Weapon".
It makes a weapon seem to flow through the air with greater ease making it easier to use.

Also - there will have been times over the past year when we wanted a little privacy in a public area and I have slowed the world down to give anyone within 20ft of me a chance to talk without the outside world noticing.