Rome I

With Bredon's instructions and roughly drawn map we head off.
Ballantine pulls on the 'radio' which crackles as we make our way back towards the park and the mist.

As we approach the park the 'radio' produces voices.
"Where are you"
"We're here"
"<sigh> Are you close to the park"
"Just about to pass the entrance"
"Wait there - I'll arrange a drop"

No quite sure what a 'drop' might entail we sought shelter in an abandoned building. Not a difficult choice as the abandoned street was one of commerce that had long since moved on.

A dull throbbing noise - this would not normally have worried us but it wasn't of our making ...
Keeping lookout in the doorway Sanguine witnesses a large rectangular object overflying the building. Scale is impossible to deduce. It could be building sized and close or planet sized and very high.
A whistling sound interrupts the wonder and ... falling ... something.
It thuds down some hundred yards away and on investigation turns out to be a small metal chest. Having checked that it it appears harmless, opening it reveals a detailed map of the city.

The 'radio' again chirps.
"Do you have it"
"Have what"
"<sigh> the MAP"
"Oh yea - we got that"
"OK - We've marked the Culturale Arte and Thera III, best of luck - p.s. as you go into the mist we will lose radio contact, if you need to contact us then get above the mist but remember that if you get on the rooftops then the snipers will get you"
An interesting choice - If you need our help you will gain enemies.

The map is detailed, but probably out of date.
It's unlikely that google maps have been able to get decent recent pictures what with the mist and war and stuff.

With detailed street information we can plan our route through the city.
The first leg (to the Culturale Arte) is straight down the main street to the park, Turn right (away from the park) for half a block, turn left and it's a straight run to the museum.
The fog gets thicker as we make our way down the main street.
More that ten foot away is invisible. We start marking the doors as we pass as a way to know where to meet should we become separated.

The 'radio' crackles
"You're not my friends ... used to like you ... soon ... itbags ... where"
Ballantine fiddles with the controls on his wrist. "This reminds me of General Jumbo"
Not knowing the history of Ballantine's military service I cannot comment on the historical accuracy of this reference.
"Blue ... you better have ... sp ... do you"


"How long ... eighteen ... king weeks"

The voice is familiar but definitely not our friendly soldier guide. Probably not male.

"What is the first thing that suffers in the time of war. Trade and luxuries - it's been eighteen weeks - YOU BETTER HAVE SOME SMOKES"

It's Aask. We left her a few hours ago in the Ashwell maze (and in the write up entitled 'central park').
But eighteen weeks ?
Ballantine exercises his wrist controls "But we left you five hours ago"

"Really! - Where are you"

"In a street"

"Near the park"

"Approaching a park"

"I'll find you"

We have lost so many friends to this conflict.
And so often our fault.
One has actually survived.

Nearing the end of the main street the mist lifts and ... on the steps of the facing building sits Aask.

Her armour, once pristine and burnished, is in tatters. Hastily repaired remains of the original leather hint at the ordeal of the last few months.
No equipment other than her Drow sword, and obviously nothing to smoke.

The questions come fast and thick.


- to be continued



Ask 1 on steps

Takes map & heads for park

Radio "Ask here" - tries to run, Sa stab, B "Follow" bullet & Sa Web mixup

Ask 2, Questions "What - you're kidding me - the village was a shithole" freeze & shatter

photos 1

find museum, look for club

jazz, search, something moving upstairs, find cellar sneak out

museum locked from inside, head round outside up ruined tower & in window.

search, most rooms cleared, find wand case in weapons room 8188

basement vault, door, water, search

shaggy & scooby sucking life, ice, dog on shelving, lightening attempt, successfull

After taking several licks from all sides a badly beaten Balantine passed his Webley IV to Roggen who managed to clip him a few good ones he turned tail and ran, but unfortunate for him ran right into Scrys knuckle-dusters at exactly the same time as Sanguine zapped his familiar. Major ouch.

lock dog inside

photos 2

in rest up for night

back to club

heading off

cheese bridge

fleshy vines - run away thru shop (Web the window)

hyenas - into - through house

fight on bridge

thu park

web with baby

one hyena, three behind us

fight (baby killer)

I hit Ballantine

- no recollection of the rest of the game

Rome II

Look for somewhere to crash

Bank ?

Hotel with caved in roof & nest

Library - that's for us

And we discovered ...

Deagh family estate is in Winshire, they published Briony Wells under the publisers 'Fox'

And Deagh is trying to create (Sanguines guess) his three stage "Great Work"

And Balintine looks good in a miror ... oops

R & Sc get thrown around, Sa tries to mediate (unsucesfully)

When Statue gets hit B sees it in his mirror world.

Again on the balcony (details please folks)

Tag team in the foyer & we annoy it

It looks at Sa who gets swapped with B

Ice & pull doesn't help

street fight (details please)

Sc get's mirrored.

Sa gets out (how ?)

R & Sa knocked out (again - details?)

B takes on statue & Sc in the mirror can help

We're all out ...

Leg it towards T III

The final bridge is out (as are all that we can see)

B chooses a sail boat - we head up river rather than across.

Nearing the 'we could crash into that jetty' the radio crackles "Get off the water"

Nasty snaky slidey things following us

Leg it to TIII

Barriers & mounds & traps in the square infront of TIII