Lagonier - to Kearny and Back - this you know.

Trip to Swarkstone - shift to Swark-2
Meeting with Chska and the damaged books in the library investigation.
Leading to the assault on Randolphe Dean Cargilles house.

A healing sleep as you recover sends Sanguine, Scrylash and a happy Deagh
On a trip to the Summer Isles. Much pagan antics ensue.

Mysterious messages from Preston Elliot - and meeting the
Caldbeck Rise on the Bridge. A chase through the city ending
In a shift out to….

The Caravan. Where you joined Quick, Gallina and the mob en route
To Adipsicore - lots of travelling and a bit of fighting.

Midsomer eve and Luanas magical brew sends you hopping back to the
Summer Isles for a brief visit.

Back at the caravan - sans sanguine and not long 'till you skip out and
Arrive in Englaterre.

Captured by "The WHO" - freed by a mysterious benefactor and sent to
The Matheson House to investigate the disturbances therin.

More mayhem with ghosts and the dead - the appearance of the "Men In Grey"
The house quietened you head for Ynis-Witrin to recuperate - a brief stay where
You learn of the historical antagonism between the followers of St George and St Jean.
Orthodoxy vs. Magic.

And then off to Escotia to track down your benefactor - but caught by the WHO and awake in

Londres - Bedlam Asylum, an escape aided by a drow (who would not tell his name
But asked you call him "Baiulus Dens") who had come to this plane seeking a member of his clan who had vanished here.

Into the sprawl that is the city of Londres and your adventures in The Pall
- much spooky goings on and a refuge in the Theatre with the unreal Molly Canard
Rumours of a quartz crown in the Crystal Palace exhibit.

Into the sewers in Pall Mall - the theft of the crown from Dr Gull, the burning of crystal palace
- the loss of Baiulus and a final escape from the Cythonic creatures of Londres with the help of Preston Elliots suitcase
- the train back to Ynis-Witrin.

The travellers round the Tor - Chska's dreams of you and the "pan is dead" play.

The siege of the town by the army of St George - breaking in through the caves at Wookey Hole and walking the maze to the top.
Attacked by another mind controlled drow - winning the summit and Chska wears the crown to open the heartlines of the world.
Victory - magic returns to the world - heroics, drama and a final leap back to good old Ashwell.

Enough for now I think - additions welcome.