You will know of the ship that came back from the great ocean that Deagh wished to search for. Suffice to say we found it's remains and eventually it's cargo. There is magic here that is greatly beyond anything that I have experience of and, I believe, could be potentially catastrophic.

The artifact in question is a ten foot high structure, a glass cylinder decorated top & bottom with gold & jewels. Inside the glass is a single five foot high crystal with additional crystals protruding from its base like wax round the base of candle.

The first night on board ship when this artifact was on board ALL members of the crew experienced strange, and disturbing dreams. Even a construct golem !

This artifact is heading for Falfax as trying to stop that happening could be very politically damaging, but it does worry me greatly

On the Amoroso is that which remains of the Golem (his name is Clay) I urge you speak with him as he has first hand knowledge of events and will be able to answer the questions that I have not thought of.

I believe this is of the greatest import and would obviously not distract you if I thought otherwise.

Your most faithful servant


PS Please don't be to hard on Gwen (Your new helper) She has great potential.