Summary of Game from April 1998

We made our way the four of us back to my mansion on the edge of town. There was a note from my mate saying he had gone to the brothel looking for me. We felt waves of a strange energy build and subside, as though they were coming from inside us. In the distance, we saw a shimmering wave, like a heat wave, as though Swarkstone was surrounded by some kind of energy field.

We made our way back through the town. Different realities had ‘broken through’. There was rain one minute, searing heat the next. Luana did some scrying and discovered that there was some other kind of scrying going on somewhere in town. We homed in on the direction, and managed to cross the trubulent river on a newly-erected bridge.

We saw a man in monkish garb, bald-headed, speaking to a fattish Deagh through a window inscribed with runes. He eluded us, breaking the glass. We returned to the bridge, made contact with Hamlyn, and shifted. We ended up back in Ashwell, but it was not Hamlyn, but Sanguine who greeted us.

A day later, we tried to shift back through into Swarkstone. We were caught in the ether, and would have been attacked by an ethereal creature, a beetle-like thing, but we were drawn down into Londres, into the middle of a seance. The police (St Joan, not St George) chased us. We hid in a tomb in a graveyard, and shifted out just before they found us. We made it through to Swarkstone.

We were in water. We waded towards the middle of town. Six of the Caldbeck Rise challenged us and we killed them. We made it to the brothel. My mate was there, and Beth had been there a couple of times. A letter waited for me from the crew of the Amoroso, which was apparently close by. There was a great fayre going on in the middle of the chaotic town, and we decided to head there. We journeyed once more through the various different realities.

Preston Elliot had made a booking for us in a restaurant. We met him there and found out some things - the names of the five cities (of the Caldbeck Rise), how Hayden Deagh is swapping crystals around for some reason, how the Trout is not always right and is a fatalist anyway. Apparently Hamlyn had been taken by the Rise already, so anything we told him, he probably knew by now as well. We found out more about how to planar travel - the idea of having one person as point, like a navigator, and the rest as the engine, thinking of where we were going.