Preston's Notebook


Note :-
Not every letter or word is clear but there follows as best a transcription as I can.

Inside cover

My Dear Friends
Should you be reading this then it is as I suspected (and to be entirely fair - as the fish warned me.) I am more dead than I was and your memories are more complicated than they were. I imagine your lives are less fraught, should you wish to keep them that way simply burn the case and go back to the world as you know it. Should you not it is my

hope that it will lead you back to your whole selves and all the trouble you could wish for.
The way things are for you is the way they should be. The Rise are convinced that more harm has come to the many worlds from the small pocket of people forced from their own plane than from the wider machinations of whatever or whomever was manipulating the artifacts in the first place. I think in some way they may be correct,

but partly from curiosity and partly from a sense of moral outrage I am convinced that something should be done. And if the Rise won't do it, and I no longer can do it, you must.

Here then is my blessing and curse. Use the Luteus incense, follow the maze, go where it leads, find yourselves. If you do - then be warned,

you will make a true enemy of the Rise, but perhaps an ally or two also.

May you live in interesting times,


Once you have used the Luteus and your heads feel more like your own again should you wish to leave Ashwell then look to Bryony, the book will take you. You will be more than welcome to use Hob's End, my bolt hole in Try, as sadly I doubt I shall be using it again.
It has proved a safe haven from the prying eyes of the Altus Conclave in the past and I give you the key

with my blessing.

If you find yourselves at leisure in Try make yourselves known to Easterbrooke - he is another trusted friend and is privy to my researches so far and conclusions which I am loathe to write of even here.

Again, my best wishes to you.

How to make incense
An outline method on how to make your own powdered incense, which needs to be burnt over charcoal.
Select the appropriate herbs for the task you wish to perform, from any list of herbs, taking notice of the elements and properties. You can use one herb on its own, or combine any number of them.

You will need a very small amount of each, no more than 1/4 of a spoonfull. Grind them up together as finely as you can. If the mixture is sticky, or you are using resins, add smal amounts of salt to the mix until the moisture has been removed.

Burn this in Hob's end once in a while.

Black Pepper
Benzoin Gum
Dragon's Blood
Red rose petals

Avram Esterbrooke
Consulting Librarian
656 Penchant Terrace
L5. Turen-Re-Yania

And from the other side

1358 and all that -
stay involved
check the wedding
Make sure you catch the train!
Someone has arranged their release
find out who
poss: the Magus - bfo: house by the banks of Lake Ness - name might be Mr Gywnne
Adrastea is the nymph of ash tree. She was identified with Nemesis, who originally was the goddess of the ash tree and later became implaccable avenger of pride and violence. Nemesis personified the idea that misfortune had to follow the triumphant success. Nemesis name means 'the one whom
nobody can escape' while Adrastea means 'to exorcise gods envy by showing humility'.
She lived in the shade of the holy tree, the ash tree called Yggdrasil.

The Major Chakra
There are many systems wherein many more centres described and used but for our purposes, we will only focus on these.

The Root Chakra
Located at the Groin. Chakra of maintenence of our bodies and retains us in our present form. Centre for combining the earthly and universal energies within the body. It is from this station that all other Chakras can be opened to their fullest. It's colour is red. Birth, beginning, renewal, self-reliance and safety are attributed here.
Bloodstone, Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Agato, Quartz Crystal, Tigers Eye.

The Spleen Chakra
Located at the Abdomen. The Chakra for the Earth connection, relations, identity, empathy and social interaction. It's colour is Orange. A blocked Chakra can make a person antisocial, and incapable of expressing and feeling emotions.
Lepidolite, Alexandrite, Green Calate, Chalcedony, Lapis Lazuli.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
Located at the Navel. The centre for movement. Aids in Astral projection, objects bending or moving to your will. It's colour is yellow. The Chakra of intelligence, harmonising of will | emotions | mental clarity. If unbalanced, your energy can leak distructive forces or your energy can be 'stolen'. It is the first place attacked by knowing people.
Moss agate, Ivory, Jaspar, Malachite, Moonstone, Onyx, Opal, Clear and Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Howlite.

The Heart Chakra
Located at the chest. Lore, wisdom and knowledge, sending and receiving love, also the centre of the secret of your life's work. It's colour is Green with Pink. Opening of this Chakra is essential to the seeker. Through this you meet your 'guides' and 'teachers'. These will help you in and on your journey.
Aventurine, Bloodstone' Emerald, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Azurite, Flourite, Opal.
The Throat Chakra
At the center of the throat. Chakra of communication, mental, written and oral skills. It's colour is Blue. It is also the chakra of the face you show the world. If you feel a tightness in your throat most of the time, it is a good indication that this area is blocked.
Atrine quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue-laced Agate, Chrysapase, Moss Agate, Blue Topaz, Mimetile, Staurolite, Blue Tourmaline and Turquoise.
The Brow Chakra
Forehead. The 'Third Eye' allows you to see future events, awas, faeries, secret friends, and allows you to penetrate other higher realms. It's colour is Violet.
Amethyst, Sugulite, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Saphire, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Aqua-Aura, Azurite, Quartz Crystal, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Peridot, Opal.
The Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the head.This is where all knowledge from the Universe is drawn. 'The All-Knowing' source. It's colour is White. The blocking of this renders you incapable of drawing upon the sources of knowledge. It is in this state that perception is altered. Time, good & evil, priority. This is where a sense of unity and wholeness of all things and the interconnecting relationships that exist between all things is aquired.
Quartz Crystal, Kyanite, Fluorita, Diamond, Chevron Amethist, Charoite, Agate, Snowflake Obsidian.
- specific meditations with stones matched together with other tools, such as Herbal or Candle Magick are a very effective tool for healing the unbalanced Chakras and tears or holes in the Aura. Root and Spleen work well together for healing the physical body.
Programming involves the implementation of your energy and will into the stone of choice. It is very important, however, to first clense the stone. These tools are extremely receptive to vibrations, and that includes negative ones too. The stone you have chosen may well have passed through many hands before reaching you. You must then get rid of all these energies and make this stone "yours"
the method of water + the sun
This method involves holding the stone under water (spring or well water preferably) and with the use of visualisation, banishing all negative and foreign vibrations and leaving it clear with its own natural energies. Instead of drying it with a cloth place it in the sun. If at night, it is then placed at the places but in the full light of the Moon.
pass the stone through the smoke of sage or another appropriate herb while meditating. Intent and will are extremely important when working with your tools.
Another way is to bury the stone of your choice in the Earth. Since the Earth is the origin of the stones the natural energies of Mother Earth will cleanse the stone of all negativity. Some say for three days, some say for a week, you decide what feels right. Also take into consideration
of the phase of the Moon when burying the stone.
When the stone has been properly Cleansed, you may at this time, program or dedicate your stone for the intent or desire of which you intend. Programmed for various uses, it is the intent and will of your desire which is then energised into the stone. Whether it be for the manifestation of your desires or to help in healing, it is best to keep a seperate stone programmed for each use.
To begin building a rapport with any set of power stones, take four candles, each representational of one of the four elements. (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) The best is a coloured candle coresponding to each element. Draw or visulise a circle and place the selected candles at their respective quarters.
Then you will need to choose a stone that best fits you and the chakra centre.
You need a quiet time and place with no distractions and enough room to stretch out and lie on your back.
Take each of the stones you have selected for their specific chakra centre and place over the area, starting at the Root and moving upwards towards the Crown. The stone chosen for the Crown should be positioned on the floor about 2 - 6 inches from the top of your head.
It is now simply a matter of relaxing your entire body and allowing the stones and candles to do their work, It may be hard at first to still your thoughts, but it will come.
Allow the energies of the stones to do their work, concentrate on clearing all from your mind and with the power of the elements included, amplify this state of total clearing.
When you are ready, pick up the stones starting at the Crown, one by one to the Root position. Pinch or snuff out the candles starting from the East, then stand up.
Discard or break the circle.
Aus verschiedäna Grund had er des erschtamol beiseidn gelosn, bis fast nix mehr onders cht zu du wor. Sei mangelndes intresse in die Kugel wor ver dächdich. Alla Volksweisheidn, die mögliche Quällnobjegde bädreffn, scheina sich auf an andern gellon Globus zu konzendriem - möglicherweiss dä Grund, dasser des bis jetzät ignoried hod.
For a number of reasons he left it aside until there was almost nothing else to do. All wisdom of the natives which directly concerns "Quellenobjekte" (Quelle means source, basis or also spring. "objekte" means objects) seem to be / concentrated on / related to / concern / another yellow globe - possibly the reason that he ignored this until now.
Zu unserm Vordeil
1) Es is middn is aner druggena, ungastlichn Gegnd.
2) Die Eigebonena behadln den Plods mit aner religiösn Verehrung und Könna mich zur Mithilfn überräd wern.
3) Frühera expeditiona um des Alterchum auszägroom sin so bös ausganga, dass sich die Gschichdn die sich drum rankn, alles ander a als ermutichend sin.
To our advantage
1) It is in the middle of a bleak or dreary region/plane where the terain is not very hospitable
2) The natives guard with a religious revrence and can not be persuaded to help or support us.
3) Previous expeditions to unearth the past (the period refered to is either Dark Ages or Middle Ages) have ended so badly that the stories or legends which are told about them are not really encouraging.
Zu unserm Noochdiel
1) A Einheimscher namens Deagh is drinna nerwiggld.
2) Da jetziche Kriech zwischä die zwaa politischn Mächde hod ogfongd auf die Geechnd übäzugreifn.
3) Des Objeggd selbä is gut beschriem und es wädd häufich drüba schbägguliert.
To our disadvantage
1) A native named Deagh is involved in it.
2) The present war between the two political powers has started to spread into the region/plane.
3) The object itself is documented well and is often subject of speculations.