On the 26th October 2001, Honda Motorcycles UK announced that HUKRC was to be wound up as of 1st November 2001.

HUKRC was launched at the NEC in 1998 and Honda UK had hoped that HUKRC would become self-funding within 3 years. This has not happened and it has become too expensive to run.

Anyone that has a current paid subscription can get a partial refund and should have received a refund claim form which needs to be filled in & returned to HUKRC before 23rd November 2001.

There is no intention to shut down the HUKRC e-mail group, assuming that Honda UK do not object to us using their name.

I would like to thank the HUKRC team for the work they have done and wish them well for the future.


Unofficial moderator of the unofficial HUKRC e-group.