HUKRC to be closed down.
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Welcome to the reference site for the HUKRC e-mail group.

The Honda UK Riders club no longer exists, Honda Motorcycles UK wound up the official HUKRC as of 1st November 2001

This e-group was originally formed by members of HUKRC and when the official club ceased to exist we saw no reason to close the news group
- so we didn't

The e-group is used by members to organise rides, days out, meets etc. Also to discuss the numerous aspects of riding. Although this group bears the name of HUKRC, it is an Unofficial email group for HUKRC members, therefore the opinions and views expressed in this email group are not necessarily those of Honda, Honda UK, HUKRC, or the egroup owner. It is also not essential that you own a Honda Motorcycle, so long as you are interested in Motorcycling, of course most discussion on the egroup will involve Honda Motorcycles in some way.

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