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Welcome to the HUKRC@yahoogroups.com email group.

By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of use layed down by Egroups.

Click on this URL http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/ to read the terms of use.

Rules and Guidlines for use of the HUKRC email group

To modifiy your subscription -

If you start a thread and it becomes personal, ie no interest to the group just the 2 correspondents, then email the other party direct not via the group.
Th is will cut down on unnecessary email.

Please introduce yourself to the group.

If you digress from a thread please change the subject to reflect the new subject direction.

Snip contents that you are not commenting on (ie cut and paste), and post below the text you're commenting on.

Post your reply at the bottom for the sake of chronology.

DO NOT send virus warnings via the egroup!!!!

If you want to get personal, go direct; a fight between two posters is just embarrassing for everyone.

That old chestnut of bad language?
Please use discretion - some readers are at home with kids reading over their shoulder.

Do not abuse other egroup members, we're all here for the same reason.

Do not send emails to individuals via the egroup, unless it is absolutely necessary, or the response is of general interest to the group.


General Advice
The opinions and views expressed in this email group are not necessarily those of Honda, Honda UK, HUKRC or the egroup owner.

Be aware that you are subscribing to an email group, that at the time of writing has over 220 users.
This generates a large amount of email traffic. Being inundated with mail? Then modify your subscription to receive the HUKRC Digest.
All the News, one email. To do this, modify your membership (see 'Do's above)

Alteratively if you do not have web access, unsubscribe from the egroup by sending a blank email to hukrc-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

To post to the group, you MUST be subscribed, if you use more than one email address then if you want to post from them all they must all be subscribed.
So for example, let's say you are subscribed as any.body@aisp.com, you can post from this email address, however if you have a second email address such as any.body@anotherisp.com you cannot post from that email address unless you subscribe using that address as well.
This may sound a bit pedantic, but it does stop any none members from posting, and therefore cuts down on spam.

Well that's it, enjoy the group.

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