We here at the 5IO Cabal decided some time ago to present a copy of the Principia Discordia online. We did this despite the fact that their were already numerous versions of the book available because we felt - rightly or wrongly - that it had yet to be done in a way that both preserved it's unique "look" and augmented it with the benefits that the interactivity of the www offered.

This in turn led to the volume that you now see,
The Principa Apocrypha (or laughingly amongst ourselves referred to as the principia discardia.)

The purpose of this weightless tome is not to offer a new "alternative" to the PD. Nor is it any kind of manifesto (Tho some day we may put the Five Islands Offline online?) This is simply a reference manual where you can read, in greater depth, about some of the topics and people mentioned in the PD, and also about some of the people who have inspired us to thoughts other than the mundane

This is not meant to imitate the PD but rather to pay homage to a work that has both enlightened and enriched us

It can be dipped into via the PD, or read as a stand alone work. Or - naturally - ignored altogether.


For Leary, Wilson, Kessey et al for showing the way.

Groucho, Chico and Harpo for their Erisian antics.

The Space Captain of the Psychedelic Alchemists
for bringing a little slice of the discordian ethos to us.

and for Malaclypse the Younger, with respect.

Z&Z - 5IO Cabal.