Quabala - the tree of life
Girolamo Cardano - Mathematician and Physician
Norbert Wiener - Mathematician and Cyberneticist
Emperor Norton I - Emperor of the United States
Robert Anton Wilson - On Discordiaism
André Breton - Dadaist and co-founder of Surrealism
Ken Kesey - Author and Merry Prankster
Charles Fort - Chronicler of bizarre phenomena
John Kenneth Galbraith - Economist
Eris - Goddess of Discord
Niels Bohr - Physicist and Nobel Laureate
The Pentagon - Headquarters of the United States DoD
Hemp - Cannabis sativa
Taoism - Lao-tzu and the Tao-te Ching
G. C. Lichtenberg - Physicist, Writer and satirical wit
Ezra Pound - Poet
Albert Einstein - Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Richard P. Feynman - Physicist and Bongo Drummer
Robert Calvert - Aural Space-Age Poet and Musician
Interlude I - Some thoughts on the Web by Zorba