Sources of Inspiration
The Principia Discordia How I Found Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her
Robert Anton Wilson A futurist, author, and stand-up comic (by his own admission) 
The Residents Perhaps the strangest band on, or off, the planet 
Spider Robinson He has been called the 'New Heinlein' 
Those Annoying Post Bros. Two funloving but extremely twisted bad-boys hailing from the wrong side of Bugtown.
The Universe is their oyster, and they like it raw. 

Fun Places to Visit
The Dilbert Zone Get your daily fix here
Private Eye Satirical UK Magazine
Woodstock Three days of ... where are we again ?
Simon's Stuff Computing and NZ humour (If that's what you want)
Home of the 'Bastard operator from Hell'
Anagram Genius An anagram generator

Computer - Love them or Hate them
The dumbing-down of programming What price 'Programme Wizards'
The Halloween Memos You trust Microsoft don't you ! ... Don't you ?
The Mac OS Version 8  Try a Real Operating System

The slightly stranger things I have found !!  

Hard core hamster !! You have been warned !