Personal FAQ

This page only exists by popular request so don't blame me !

Q - What is your real name.

A - If I told you and you started using it, noone would know who you were referring to. Everyone calls me Mac so why don't you do likewise.
Because there are probably a number of Macs on the net I tend to refer to myself on line as 'Mac''.

Q - Are you called Mac because you are Scottish

A - Yes and No. I am Scottish, born & brought up there, but Mac is a contraction of McIntosh and is a nick name I was given at age 7.

Q - Why is your picture not on your home page

A - I don't have a decent electronic pic of me yet - and when I do it will still not be on my home page but will be linked from here.
(I won't put large images on my home page - they take time to download and pictures of me scare children -Mac)

Q - What happened to the archive of Cory's Weather Reports

A - I still have them. If you want a copy then e-mail me & I'll send a zip.

Q - Are you the 'Mac' that I know

A - Beats me. Drop me a line and ask !

Q - Interests ?

A - Bike - I run a Honda 2000 Fireblade (I have had a GPZ500S, a VFR750FR, VFR 800 & a 96 'blade)