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Kit Detail Comments
Bike 2000 Honda VFR800 Fi Supplied by Honda of Salisbury who have looked after bikes for me for years.
They are fitting the GPS connections, Givi wing rack and crash bungs.
Bike Luggage Givi 2 x E360's as side boxes. The VFR comes with a top box which I may or may not use.
Tent North Face Tadpole 23 A present from the family for Christmas
GPS Garmin III+ It's a bit old but it's seen me round quite a number of European countries.
Must get my hands on US & NZ mapsource
Laptop undecided  
Tank bag undecided  
Leathers My subtle gear :) Made by Crowtree - some of the best made to measure you can get.
Yes leathers might be a bit hot - but they will survive being worn every day for 6 months.
Helmet Arai Astro/j  
Security Pacsafe Mesh net to secure the tent on the bike