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23 March 2005

My Flights are booked and paid for.
The UK -> Canada bike flight is booked and paid for and I have the paperwork.
Insurance is in progress (They've taken the money)
Carnet for NZ has been sent (still have to do the bank guarantee)
New passport received.

It really is starting to come together.

I was scanning the shipping documentation and came across the line "You may not attach any luggage or bags to the motorcycle". This changes any plans I might have had about luggage. I had been planning to leave two Givi hard cases and a roll bag on the bike for shipping, but if I have to take them as hold luggage I'm limited to two bags unless I want to pay stupid money.
So how do I do this.
First thoughts are pack a few days clothes in the roll bag & take that as hand luggage. Put the tent, sleeping bag etc. (the stuff that would be in the roll bag) into one Givi box. What about the leathers & helmet ? The trousers will fit in one box with tent & sleeping bag - just - but that box is full..
The helmet is coming as hand luggage - it's not going out of my sight - but will I have to wear the leathers onto the plane ?

On a brighter note - I joined the (mostly) US VFR e-mail list and have received some excellent route information and offers of accommodation / company / local advice.
I have been sent a detailed and fun looking route from Washington DC to South Dakota (some 2150 miles) and have the offer of a guided tour out of DC.

Half the time I'm excited - the other half terrified.
Having some of the paperwork done does make things a little easier.

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