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3 December 2004


The only bit of the route I have planned so far is some of the North America time. I have no idea at this point if this is what I will end up doing but ... As I mentioned to someone on the fireblade newsgroup, what I'm looking for is "quiet places, good roads, nice folks and I will not be in a hurry to get anywhere (which doesn't mean I'll be riding slowly :).
The route plans so far :- Have a look at north east Canada (Nova Scotia) then back across Canada north of the Great Lakes, drop down into the US through the Dakotas (check out Mount Rushmore, Wounded Knee, Little Bighorn and the Bad Lands) Wyoming, Montana then North to the top of the Rockies (maybe as far as Alaska). Down through the Rockies to Colorado but this is likely to be real zig zag stuff as I want to check out the Northern California coast. I am meeting some friends at Grand Canyon in mid September (that's 3 months so far). Head for California & ship the bike to New Zealand in October.

I have little desire to visit the East Coast (been there) and the middle is too dull to contemplate.
I know the 'Grand Circle' area (South Utah & North Arizona) well & love that area, but I won't be upset if I miss it. Washed the t-shirt.

If you fancy coming over & renting a bike for a week or so and hanging, or checking out a specific area then let me know where or when and I'll have a think about it.
On this trip I have no problems with being selfish so be warned, I may say 'No'


Best guess so far :-
Bike UK to US £900
Me UK to US Free (air miles)
Living / gas / camping 50 to 100 US$ / day (from other peoples trips) 16 weeks = $11,200 in US = £6,000 (at $100/day)
Bike US to NZ £1000 (guess)
Me US to NZ ? £700 (guess)
Living NZ = £4,000 (guess)
Me & Bike home £2,000 (guess)
Total = £14,500

Shit - that adds up !

And of course it doesn't include any bike type preparation.

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