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Version 3 - 21 May
(But this will be updated as I think of more)

So - what to pack & how much luggage will I require. I'm damned if I'm going to take the top box as well as the two hard Givi side boxes - But I might have to add a tank bag. Time to add it all up and lay it out and (gasp) test pack.

Clothes 2 x Jeans, 10 days x (underwear, T-shirts), sleeved t shirt, trainers, fleece shirt, trunks. Optional - Tivas, fleece jacket,


2 piece leathers, lid, Sidi waterproof boots, gloves, waterproofs, clear visor, bandana, ear plugs
Bike kit Brake & clutch levers, tools, book, lock & chain, bulbs, spare keys, side stand stand, helmet bag, gaffa & insulating tape, cable ties. Buy locally - chain oil, puncture repair ?
Toys phone, laptop, palm, D camera, GPS, Rebuild laptop CDs. Buy locally - Virgin PAYG phone/sim
Toys + Mains adapter, Power for (phone, laptop, palm, camera), cables for (camera, GPS), extra camera card, glasses screwdriver, glasses strap, bag for this lot, spare glasses, cheap throwaway bag for flight hand luggage.
Camping tent, S bag, mattress, sponge bag, towel. Buy locally - torch
Docs Cards, Driving license, Passport, V5, US bike insurance, Carnet, UK - CA Shipping, Travel Insurance, Oz visa (must get one) e-ticket, bike service book, maps, Directions, Guide books ?

Have I missed anything ?
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