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One week of work to go, then one week of prep then I'm off.
I've done a test pack and with the exception of changing 2 jeans & 10 days clothes to 1 jeans, 1 light trousers & 7 days clothes I reckon everything will fit.
BTW - this is the first entry written on the laptop (a big thanks to Paul for the laptop).
I'm currently investigating joining a US bike breakdown service as my mechanical knowledge is bugger all and I really don't fancy being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre (or a broken engine casing coz another biker has knocked my bike over - this has happened to me).

The VFR is booked in for the 16,000 mile service (one of the big ones) as well as getting the GPS fitting and power connection fitted, replacing the chain & sprocket, new tyres, head bearings check and I have ordered a spare set of levers and a third key. I also need to pick up a chain & lock that I can tie round the wingrack and there's something else I've forgotten ...

I must try out the tent in the garden - and check that the air mattress still holds air.

I must think about the web page design. The planning links on the side take too much space. What will 15 odd dreary (sorry - Diary) entries make the pages look like (assuming 1 entry every 2 weeks) ?

Everything seems almost too calm - what have I forgotten to do ?


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